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A multitude of scales...

Corugat Loft is a 1:12 scale art gallery located in San Francisco, California. We're founded on ideas of expanding contemporary art and challenging perception in real and virtual spaces. We're extremely inspired by the microgallery community across the globe, and hope to represent a scale model approach to contemporary art in the Bay Area and U.S. west coast.

Our entire venue is constructed using corrugated cardboard and recycled packaging - with the addition of lighting and paint treatments. The gallery architecture is modular and designed for an immersive experience while offering the flexibility to document its interior from multiple vantage points.

Three distinct spaces within the gallery - office, atrium and loft - create highly adaptable settings for artwork created specifically at model scale. We're highly committed to the diorama technique, and look forward to working with artists to create a program that resonates on a multitude of scales. 


At this time, Corugat Loft is a non-profit organization providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and develop community. During the exhibition, artworks may be listed for sale, but transactions will take place between artists and patrons directly, and no commission is due to the gallery. That being said, we ask for contributing artists to arrange for shipping to and from the gallery.


Corugat Loft SF subsists on the gallery staff for operating capital. If you would like to donate to our operations fund, please contact us at

Gallery Dimensions & Specs

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