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Small Scale,
Big Ideas

Our mission at Corugat Loft is to provide a conduit for artists exploring new possibilities of the "virtual space," acting as a platform in a sub-dimension to activate aesthetics not achievable on other scales.

We take a fully experimental approach to shifting perspectives, using scale model art to inhabit alternative ways of thinking and making.


Corugat Loft is now accepting proposals for exhibitions! See our Submissions page for guidelines.

We wrapped up our year with a mini-show containing 10 artworks by a Colorado Artist, who remains unnamed, and used painting to explore how memories are deeply tied into the rich textures of the world around us.


Dec 2022: Artworks from our Collection

Currently we have on view a rotating selection of works from our permanent collection. We hope to allow these pieces a bit of fresh air while we become familiar with the best use of our exhibition space.

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